My book finally on Kindle

So after a long time since the first publisher asked me to pay loads of money to get my book published..the Lord has been merciful and guided me to the platform of Kindle Self Publishing.

Last week I was fortunate enough to be part of Times passion trails writing workshop. Talking to people and learning from their experience is the most important thing when you are a beginner..that’s what I did! And here I am with my published book of poetry.

Waiting for many more literary ventures ahead…


Words are all I have

words-1Rock band Boyzone’s amazing song says it perfectly..words are all I have. There are many things going on in our mind incessantly. Past, future, present events, friends, family, work, health and search for meaning of it all. But when we wish to communicate it, all we have are words. Hugs, yes, but only to express affection. What about other emotions?

I recently watched the movie ‘Inside Out’, in which all the emotions are given human forms. It would be great to have a dialogue with our own thoughts in person.For instance,  I talk to anger. ‘Hey anger, what’s up?” It gets pissed off and shouts, “You are! in my …” It may say. Then I turn to happiness, “Hi, can you share some joy with anger? It needs a hug to cool down.” It replies, “I try, but nothing works!”…and so on.

Whatever we feel, we need to express. That is the power of words. Only if one wants that ‘peace’ of mind, he must get rid of every piece of mind. When thoughts cease, mind becomes quiet. Words lose meaning and sounds begin to make sense. Sounds cease to give way to silence. But to understand the meaning of silence, one must know the value of words. They are the instruments to get to inner peace (not piece). Continue reading Words are all I have

A dash of color


My friend recently introduced me to Avon Cosmetics. I was initially bit skeptical about investing but as I dove into their vibrant catalog of colourful lipstick and trendy beauty products..I didnt wait any longer to order them.

I never thought that I could enjoy cosmetics so much since I have always hated make-up. The spectrum of colours is mesmerizing and so is their range of products. This blog may read like an add for Avon but its not. Its just to express how sometimes a small touch of colour and novelty can enliven a dull, routine thing. Nature is so attractive due to its colourful flowers, fruits, birds and fish.

Maybe cosmetics are the human attempt to imitate His creation to get closer to knowing our hidden hues.

Salty mists of mumbai seas


Worli Sea Face


Nothing better than going on a long drive along the coastline of Mumbai. The non stop showers of early monsoon and grey sky gave the city a sooty sinister backdrop, against which the sea was going wild.

Me & my hubby went to see the fantastic sea and felt the salty seawind in our faces. One you could literally taste..! The waves were churning in the sea’s tummy and were growling to break off from the centre onto the rocks along the shore. Just like deep emotions fighting to emerge on the surface and break the shackles of goodness and decorum.

I was one with the sea, feeling like letting my passions and ideas out on the surface. At marine drive, the sea was throwing at the people all the filth n garbage, from plastic wrappers to rubber slippers.  Take it back u filthy sinners,all to you for polluting my beauty.

As we came back from the drive, I was thinking, “A sea is a mother, but when angry, like a woman scorned; earth has no worse an enemy than the wild sea.”

I would like to add a poem I wrote for “The Sailor and the Sea.”


 Once, a brave sailor proud of his ship,

Set out with his friends, on a sea trip.

They started off at dawn,

And till morning, far they had gone.

The sea was calm till the sun shone bright,

 At dusk, encroached the dark night,

The sea turned wicked and began to sway,

It wanted to make the ship its prey.

Lashing its waves, it roared and screamed,

 Crashing at the ship and ripping its sail.

 The ship swirled and tumbled,

The lightning struck and thunder rumbled.

Still the brave sailor did not for once fumble,

He was determined not to let his courage crumble.

He bravely said to his crew and fellow sailors,

“Why fear death if it is at the cost of adventure?”

Wouldn’t be it shame to live a life in fear?”

Let the sea and the forces of nature know we are not scared,

We will be invincible, our death will make us immortal!”

The sea felt ashamed and stopped its deadly game.

It felt proud of the brave sailor and helped him find his way,

Even till today, the sea remembers that epic day!











Educate to Empower

Today, education in India has reached a turning point with the implementation of new educational policies, RTE (Right To Education) Act and inclusion of CCE (Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation) in schools.

We are progressing toward adopting ‘the systems approach’ which is, indeed, the need of the hour or rather, the means to foundation of a sustainable system of education.

The constructive (ist) approach which is being implemented in schools allows children to build their own knowledge based upon prior knowledge. I have been fortunate to be able to work in the field of primary education, which has broadened my view about the teaching learning process. The kind of education we give to our budding generation influences the growth and dynamics of our country. Education is not filling of a pail, but igniting a fire.

Thus, I believe that empowering young students to explore their potential on their own, with educators as friendly advisors is the key to a developed population of India.

Through proper education, we can sow the seeds of proper values, social awareness and respect for our ancient Indian and vedic literature, heritage of knowledge and culture. Our textbooks must not just mention one page about great Indian philosophers and scientists like Aryabhatta, Dr.C.V Raman, Dr.Mani Bhowmik, but emphasize in detail about their discoveries and their influence on western science. What our ancient rishis and yogis had understood through the medium of universal consciousness is being told by western scientists through experiments. They have discovered the connections between the nature of matter and human mind.

Up until the 20th century, we studied part for whole, be it particle physics or living systems.

We (my generation till now) have learnt from text books in the manner:

Organs- tissues-cells-organelles- DNA- genes-mutations- cancer-malignancy, etc.

Now is the time to incorporate the aspects of the whole physical, chemical, environmental and spiritual impact on the studies like genetic mutation and other phenomena. A paradigm shift from traditional break down, part by part approach to studying the interconnections and the components of a system as a dynamic model is required.


1] “The systems approach”, ‘The turning point’, Fritjof Capra.

2] ‘Constructivism’, Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation handbook, MSCERT, Pune.

Dear Diary to Dear Publisher

What began as a hobby to write a daily journal turned into a passion and now a career. Writing is the most genuine expression of my mind. Sometimes the pen moves even before the words clearly appear in my head..and that you know becomes poetry. I have been scribbling since the age of 13, which is now a recreation and a habit. So, I felt like giving a voice and a face to my words.

If you want people to read your mind, writing must be published. My first poetry book is in the pipeline for publishing. As an attempt to connect to like minded people and share the joy of writing with the world, I welcome you to my blog.

I will keep adding my poems, thoughts and other content here. Feel free to comment and dont b shy to express your thoughts.

Thank you.