What inspires me to write..

Often my thoughts become so overwhelming, that they need to flow out of my head somewhere. Pouring them out on paper gives them space to relax, spread out and self organize. Just like pouring water colors on oil paper, thoughts make their own design.

Inspiration stems from nature, nature that we can see and that which we cannot see but just experience. The tangible and intangible, together produce a dynamic effect that we perceive as thoughts. As the world around us takes turns being in order and chaos, so do we and our thoughts. When the mind needs to be in order, our notes, blogs and books scaffold them into a structure. These structures guide us as our references, with which we share and relate. As a unit, all of us feel happy to share and relate with one another on various levels.

When we find such similar references, we feel connected and inspired. That’s how any kind of networking works. Writing and blogging is such an attempt to feel like a part of the whole!


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