Few days ago, my 84 yr old grandma had to go to the bank to exchange her old currency notes. I wished I could but didn’t have time. Well, I was busy in making more paper to add to my bank account. Then she had to submit her proof of living to get her pension. Another parchment to get more paper. She came home exasperated and said,” I am standing right in front of them, and they want a proof that I am alive?”

Yes, it did sound a bit silly. But that’s what we all have to succumb to. From cradle to grave, we are in paper.
Birth-Death Certificate, Passport, Convocation certificates, mark sheets, achievement records..Paper!

Old currency notes, unacceptable paper. New notes…acceptable paper.Own a property? Show on stamp paper. Okay, now there’s electronic paper..but it’s paper.

This paper worth doesn’t work for animals. They believe their instincts.When a mama bird flies away to get food back to her little bird baby, what paper does she access? We all want scientific has to be believed because it’s in ‘paper’. Somewhere in this maze of paper, have we forgotten to acknowledge our beliefs, faith and instincts?

Is the only reason many people lack faith in God or rather in themselves, for that matter, because He doesn’t have a stamped signed letterhead..of paper?

Just made me wonder..Is human life, trust, emotions worth just paper? Or is there more?


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